Teach MML Classes

MO 40You can teach an MML class!  We want to make it easy for you to learn.

The very best way to prepare for teaching a class is to learn to use MML yourself by taking a class.  While many versions of MML (such as Love’s Cradle or Mastering the Mysteries of  Stepfamilies) include content that you can learn by reading (or that you might already know), the core of EVERY MML program is the 11 Relationship Enhancement Skills developed by Dr. Bernard Guerney and his colleagues at the Pennsylvania State University.

MML is a Skills Training program.  In Skills Training, you learn by doing.  To teach MML successfully, you need to first master the skills yourself.

For that reason, the PREFERRED way to become a teacher of MML is to take one of the 16 hour MML programs.  After this, training to teach is a 2 day training.

During the 2 day training (for any of the programs) you will learn:

Day One: You will learn how to effectively teach skills, use experiential learning to introduce and reinforce skills, and how to present content sections of the program.

Day Two:  You will learn effective methods for participants’ practice of the skills, including demonstrations, coaching practice dialogues, and reviewing home practices.

If you are the first to bring MML to your community, you may need to start with a 3 day training.

In a 3 day (start up) training, you will learn:

Day One:  You will learn and practice core RE skills:  Showing Understanding, Expression, Discussion, Coaching, and Problem Solving as participants.

Day Two:  You will learn and practice RE dialogue in the morning.  In the afternoon you will learn how to use the 5 learning strategies in all MML programs, using selections from the first 8 hours of the program

Day Three:  You will learn core RE skills of Conflict Management, Self and Other Change, Generalization, and Maintenance, using the 5 learning strategies, applying them to selections from hours 8-16 of the program.

For scheduled trainings in any MML program, click on Schedules.  For a view of the variety of ways you can get training in an MML program, click on Training Options.