In the days since the first Marriage Strengthening and Relationship Education grants some 15 years ago, Marriage Education was not a significant part of American adult education, other than in some faith communities.  The multiple ACF grants have done much to change that.  Still, how can you develop sustainability for your program?

Three Models You Might Use

  1.  Train the trainer model.  Work into your project after the first year training of  a couple of especially talented and enthusiastic staff members who can coach, co-lead, and then lead replacement staff trainings in subsequent years.
  2. Raise up model couples from among participants.  Some participants have the personalities and high level of skills that can make them potential ongoing trainers in your community.  Encourage them to attend classes after they have completed their program to coach others.  If there is persistent interest, consider having them attend a training for leaders and begin to co-lead classes.
  3. Develop a Marriage Enrichment Council in your community.  Work with the Council to develop community leaders who can teach a Relationship Enhancement program–or one of the other quality marriage education programs.