Filial, Child, and Parenting Materials

Mastering the Magic of Play: A Training Manual for Parents in Filial Therapy ($ 18.00)

The 87 page manual contains instructions for parents who will be engaging in filial therap with his or her child. Instructions include the basics of how to conduct a child-centered play session. Topic covered in the manual include:

  • Play Session Basics: beginning and ending sessions
  • Being non-directive and paying attention to your child’s body language
  • Showing understanding to thoughts, wishes, and needs
  • Expressing and enforcing limits
  • Moving the play sessions home
  • The parent-child relationship
  • Troubleshooting for when play sessions seem confusing

Parenting: A Skills Training Manual ($10.00)

This 151 page manual is to be used  with Louise Guerney’s  10 to 20 hour Parenting Skills Program which adapts Relationship Enhancement Skills to parenting issues. Parent will skills for Empathy, Expression, Changing Child Behaviors,and Fostering Normal Development. This program has been assessed by the Department of Juvenile Justice as one of the top 25 parenting programs in the U.S. Contents include:

  • What parents can expect of children concerning sleeping, eating, honesty, responsibility, and separation.
  • Showing Understanding
  • Parent Messages
  • Structuring
  • Reinforcement
  • Rules, Limits, and Consequences
  • Putting it all together
  • Practice Exercises