Videos and Learning Aids

Mastering the Mysteries of Love ($30.00*): Various couples demonstrate through skilled and unskilled dialouges the dramatic difference Relationship Enhancement® skills can make in a couple’s relationship. Dialogues on the video:

  • Without and With Skills (Rick & Donna) — 13:20 minutes

  • Without Skills (Natasha & Mikhall) — :55 seconds

  • With Skills  (Natasha & Mikhall) —  1:35 minutes

  • When I think of us as a couple…..  (Rick & Donna) —   7:51 minutes

  • Conflict Management: Time Out (Natasha & Mikhall) — :53 seconds

  • Conflict Management/Coaching Skill (Natasha & Mikhall) —  7:24

  • Conflict Management/Coaching Skill (Matt & Nancy) — 3:56

  • Just Showing Understanding (Matt & Nancy)–  5:16

  • Discussing a Problem (Natasha & Mikhall) — 1:59

  • Discussing a Problem (Nancy & Russell)–  10:26

  • Problem Solving (Nancy & Russell)–  8:13

  • Going Deeper (Ed & Lori)–  24:15

RE Dialogue Demonstrations: Working Ordinary Problems through with Jason and Nicole ($30.00*)A couple demonstrates how RE skills can be used to problem solve in this 96 minute video.  Excellent resource for teaching couples how to deepen their own dialogues. Topics covered in the video include:

  • Problem Discussion: Extended Family Relationships

  • Problem Discussion: Sharing Home Responsibilities

  • Coming to an Agreement: Sharing Home Responsibilities

  • Working out the Details: Sharing Home Responsibilities

  • Deepening the Dialogue: Continued Complaints

RE Dialogue Demonstrations: Escape from Baby-Mama Drama with Dan and Gail ($30.00*): A couple uses RE skills to create a win-win solution for dealing with exs who have create stress in the couple’s relationship in this 78 minute video.  Dialogues include:

  • Problem Discussion

  • Coming to an Agreement

  • Working out the Details

  • Follow-up with Self-Change and Helping Others Change

  • How to Change a Habit Practice 

Instructional Video to Accompany Love’s Cradle ($30.00*): Various couples from diverse backgrounds demontrate RE skills and dialogues in this 65 minute video.  Contents include:

    • The Difference Skills Make- Unskilled (Dan and Gail)

    • The Difference Skills Make- Skilled (Dan and Gail)

    • The Difference Skills Make- Unskilled (Jason and Nicole)

    • The Difference Skills Make- Skilled (Jason and Nicole)

    • Sample Dialogue for Discussion Skill- What it Means to be a Couple (Jason and Nicole)

    • Sample Dialogue: Parenting Stresses and Stretches (Jason and Nicole)

    • Sample Dialogue: Parenting Stresses and Stretches (Dan and Gail)

    • Name that Feeling (For deeper empathy practice)

    • Coaching Skill

    • Conflict Management: Decide to Use Us Skills

    • Conflict Management: Use Coaching Skills

    • Conflict Management: Use Showing Understanding Until Your Partner Calms Down

    • Conflict Management: Stop Talking

    • Conflict Management: Talk Again When Ready

Marriage Skits for Laughter and Learning ($35.00*):  Humourous presentation of  communication problems and solutions for married couples. Skits on the video include:

  • Defective Communication-  [2 minutes]

  •  Revised Defective Communication- [4 minutes]

  • Where Are We Going?- [5 minutes]

  • A Marriage Education Commercial for Men- [2:15 minutes]

  • A Marriage Education Commercial for Women- [3 minutes]

  • The Resentment Wall- [7 minutes]

  • A Different Point of View- [4 minutes]

  • How Can I Help?- [5 minutes]

Demonstration of Identification Mode of Empathy with the Relationship Enhancement® Model. ($30.00)

Rob Scuka teaches a couple with a baby to discuss marital issues using the I-form of empathy which leads them to a profound  understanding of each other as well as creative solutions to current disagreements.


*Discount with the purchase of 2 or more DVDs . See order form for details.