Love’s Cradle Materials

Love’s Cradle Participant Book ($15.00*)

Love’s Cradle participant book contains all the materials needed for the core 10 sessions of the program. Love’s Cradle adapts RE Skills to issues revolving couples who will soon to be parents. Each section provides a 4 page elaboration of each RE skill as well as 20 experiential activities.

*Discount available for multiple copies purchased. See order form for detail.  

Love’s Cradle Leader’s Guide ($32.00 w/o Binder or $37.00 w/Binder)

The Leader’s Guide for Love’s Cradle is divided into two parts. Part One provides extensive notes concerning how to teach the 11 RE skill as well as how to discuss the issues of couples adjusting to parenthood. Part Two is split up into four seven hour modules which presents topics like Trust, marriage, Money, and Complex Family Relationships. Material for handouts are included. (No licensing fee is required to copy materials from Part Two of the Leader’s Guide.)