Mastering the Mysteries of Love

Mastering the Mysteries of Love: Participant Book ($15.00*)

Mastering the Mysteries of Love: A Relationship Enhancement ® Program for Couples is a 16 hour relationship skills program designed for couples in  stable relationships who desire to deepen their love for each other by using Relationship Enhancement skills to resolve current marital issues. The 101 page participant book teaches couples the concepts and traditional Relationship Enhancement® skills in an easy-to-read activity-based style.  Participants will learn the following evidence-based skills proven to enhance couple communication and overall marital satisfaction.

  • Showing Understanding
  • Expression
  • Discussion
  • Coaching
  • Conflict Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Self-Change
  • Helping Others Change
  • Forgiveness
  • Generalization
  • Maintenance
 *Discounted price for multiple copies. See order form for details. Materials also available in Spanish.

Mastering the Mysteries of Love: Leader’s Guide ($32.00 w/o binder OR $37.00 w/binder)

The 262 Leader’s Guide gives detailed, easy to read instructions for either the volunteer or professional leader. The Leader’s Guide is divided into two sections: part one gives an overview of Relationship Enhancement; part two is divided into 16 segments which outline exactly how to present the material to participants with  comprehensive planning notes,  detailed procedures, and fun activities.

Part One Contains:

  • A summary of the 11 RE Skills
  • An overview of Mastering the Mysteries of Love
  • Wrapping your workshop with care and helping couple dialoge
  • An explanation of RE’s core values

Part Two contains intructions for teaching each of the skills:

  • Segment 1- Why Learn Relationship Skills
  • Segment 2- Showing Understanding Skill- decription of the skill and how to demonstrate.
  • Segment 3- Expression Skill-Remembering what’s good; Expression Skill descriptions; Couple Practice, Expression Skill Cards
  • Segment 4- Discussion Skill and Enhancement Dialouge– Discussion Skill descriptions; A Time for Us
  • Segment 5- Coaching Skill– Coaching Skill description, Respect in Conflict
  • Segemnet 6- Conflict Management Skill- Skill explanation; Conflict Action Plan
  • Segment 7- Skill Take-Out
  • Segment 8- Putting the Skills to Work- Review of Skill Take-Outs;Discussing a Problem; Couple Dialouge
  • Segment 9- Problem Solving- Process Couple Dialoge; Problem Solving Skill description
  • Segment 10- Review and Couple Dialouges- Review of Skills and Skill Take-Outs; Couple Dialouge
  • Segment 11- WXYZ or Using Skills with Children- Process Couple Dialouge; WXYZ; Using Skills with Children; Skills Take-Outs
  • Segment 12- Maintence Skill, Self-Change Skill, Helping Others Change Skill- Review of the skills and introduction of maintence, self-change, and helping others change skills.
  • Segment 13- Couple Dialouge– Dialouge Review; Planning What to say; and Skill-Take-Outs
  • Segment 14-
  • Segment 15-
  • Segement 16-
  • Segemnt 17-
Materials also available in Spanish. See the Refuguee and Immigrant section of the catalog for details. 


Set of 52 cards written especially for the Mastering the Mysteries of Love program which help participants learn each aspect of Expression Skill. A hypothetical situation is on one side of the card with an example of good expression on the other.



Colorful graphic powerpoints keeps the audience’s eyes on you instead of their participant books.


Mastering the Mysteries of Love ($30.00*): Various couples demonstrate through skilled and unskilled dialouges the dramatic difference Relationship Enhancement® skills can make in a couple’s relationship. Dialogues on the video:

  • Without and With Skills (Rick & Donna) — 13:20 minutes

  • Without Skills (Natasha & Mikhall) — :55 seconds

  • With Skills  (Natasha & Mikhall) —  1:35 minutes

  • When I think of us as a couple…..  (Rick & Donna) —   7:51 minutes

  • Conflict Management: Time Out (Natasha & Mikhall) — :53 seconds

  • Conflict Management/Coaching Skill (Natasha & Mikhall) —  7:24

  • Conflict Management/Coaching Skill (Matt & Nancy) — 3:56

  • Just Showing Understanding (Matt & Nancy)–  5:16

  • Discussing a Problem (Natasha & Mikhall) — 1:59

  • Discussing a Problem (Nancy & Russell)–  10:26

  • Problem Solving (Nancy & Russell)–  8:13

  • Going Deeper (Ed & Lori)–  24:15

RE Dialogue Demonstrations: Working Ordinary Problems through with Jason and Nicole ($30.00*) A couple demonstrates how RE skills can be used to problem solve in this 96 minute video.  Excellent resource for teaching couples how to deepen their own dialogues. Topics covered in the video include:

  • Problem Discussion: Extended Family Relationships

  • Problem Discussion: Sharing Home Responsibilities

  • Coming to an Agreement: Sharing Home Responsibilities

  • Working out the Details: Sharing Home Responsibilities

  • Deepening the Dialogue: Continued Complaints