Ready for Love Materials

 Ready for Love: Relationship Enhancement® for Singles and Solos ( $15.00*)

Ready for Love is a 16 hour program that combines the 11 RE Skills with experiential learning activities that teach qualities of good relationships, boundaries, emotional safety, and the biology of love. It targets two groups of adults: single adults not in a serious relationship and adults in a committed relationship who are attending marriage education classes solo. Ready for Love presents the RE Skills as a path to great relationsips that can be used at any time and in any situation.

The 96 page participant book contains a discription of the 11 RE skills plus worksheets which will help guide the person in practice:

  • Introduction: What will I learn from this program?
  • Showing Understanding Skill
  • Expression Skill
  • Discussion Skill
  • Coaching Skill
  • Conflict Management Skill
  • Skill “Take-Out”
  • Problem Solving Skill
  • Self-Change Skill
  • Helping Others Change Skill
  • Generalization Skill
  • Maintenance Skill
  • Building Blocks of Trust/ Forgiveness Skill
  • Skills Summary
  • Problem Solving Worksheet
 * Discount available for multiple copies. See order form for details.

Ready for Love Leader’s Guide ($32.00 w/o Binder and and $37.00 w/Binder)

The 252 page Leader’s Guide for Ready for Love contains extensive outlines which guides the presenter through every aspect of the program. Its format is much like Mastering the Mysteries of Love; yet, because when people learn the skills individually, dialouges tend not to take as long, come of the dialouge time from MML is replaced in Ready for Love with informative topics and experiential activities:

  • What Makes a Good Relationship?
  • What Do You Want in a Relationship?
  • Emotional Safety
  • When You Want Others to Change

Leaders can pick three of the following topics based upon the interest of the participants:

  • Components of Trust
  • Fishbowl Discussion of Trust
  • Healing and Forgiveness
  • Boundaries and Limits
  • Effects of Adult Relationships on Children
  • Men,Women, and Marriage: A Fishbowl Discussion

 Powerpoint Presentation Presentation ($—)

The Powerpoint Presentation provides colorful slides for each segment of the RE Skill.  Graphics ensure that you keep group members’ attention focused on you, rather on their participant books while you explain the 11 RE Skills.