Stepfamilies Materials


Nancy Landrum, in collaboration with Mary Ortwein and IDEALS for Families and Communities, has adapted their popular Mastering the Mysteries of Love curriculum for use with stepfamilies. In Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamilies you will find effective communication and conflict resolution skills with highly recommended guidelines that help stepfamilies successfully navigate their complex issues.  You will  learn to communicate respectfully, make  agreements you can keep, and rediscover your love for one another!

The  – page Participant Book is divided into 8 sessions:

Session 1: participants will be presented with general information and misinformation. The RE Skills taught are Showing Understanding and Expression Skills.

Session 2:  participants will use Discussion Skill as they explore three of the mysteries of Stepfamilies:

  • Mystery # 1: How do my spouse and I build a strong and healthy marriage?
  • Mystery #2: How do I help my children feel secure?
  • Mystery #3: How do I build a good relationship with my step-child?

 Session 3: participants learn to use Problem Solving Skill to master Mystery #4, creating safe and comfortable stepfamily boundaries.

Session 4:  parents learn to use Conflict Management Skill solve Mystery #5: How to discipline effectively.

 Session 5: parents are introduced to Mysteries # 6 & 7: How to manage a workable relationshp with an ex and how to support my child’s relationship with the bio-parent by using Coaching Skill

Session 6:  participants are taught Self-Change Skill and Helping Others Change Skill as they determine how to handle Mystery #8: How to choose between different family traditions.

Session 7: the family is taught how to maintain ther skills. Mystery #9 is How to protect your strong stepfamily. Mystery #10 gives advice on when stepfamilies need to seek more help and where to find it. Maintenance Skill is taught.

Session 8:  celebration!


Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamilies  Leader’s Guide ($ —– w/o binder; $—– w/binder)

The 237 page Leader’s Guide provides the facilitator with comprehensive intructions on how to present the material to participants. Part One of the Leader’s Guide gives a history of Mastering the Mysteries of Love programs. Part Two contains extensive outlines for each of the 8 sessions. Each segment contains background notes,  detailed, step-by-step outline of how to present the material and skills, and experiential exercises. The Appendix contains a General Guide to MML Coaching and a Guide to Phone Coaching the MML Series.


Powerpoint Presentation: Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamailies ($—-)

Colorful graphic presentations of the Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamilies material that promises to keep participants eyes on you instead of their participant books.