Love's Cradle

shutterstock_5501521Love’s Cradle: Building Strong Families Through Relationship Enhancement

Love’s Cradle is now available in a workbook. The content is the same, with a few added pages to tie the book together.  The Love’s Cradle workbook contains all the participant materials needed for the core 10 sessions of the Love’s Cradle Program which mixes RE skills with issues around becoming new parents. This includes 4 page elaborations on each RE skill and 20 activities for couple practice activities around RE and new parenting. Use one workbook per couple.

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Love’s Cradle: Building Strong Families Through Relationship Enhancement Complete Program Leader’s Guides

The Love’s Cradle Program Leader’s Guides are divided into two parts. Part One teaches all the RE skills, conflict management, and deals with issues of coupleship and adjustment to parenting. It is accompanied by the Couple Workbook. Part Two includes four 7-hour modules around the topics of Trust, Marriage, Money, and Complex Family Relationships. Materials to create needed handouts are included in the book. No licensing fee is required to copy the materials in Part Two. Combined the two parts includes all 22 two-hour sessions of the Love’s Cradle Program as used in the Building Strong Families project in Texas. Written in an out-of-the-box format in 22 two-hour sessions, each segment includes an “At-a-Glance” overview, list of materials, behavioral learning objectives, planning notes, detailed explanations of each concept, directions for each activity, estimated time for each activity, and a copy of each handout used. The Leader’s Guides also include special guides for coaching couples, handling home assignments, and schedules for program variations.

Each Leader’s Guide is $37. Both for $59. Leader’s Guides shipped without the binder (contents only) are $32 each or $55 for two.
Instructional Videos to Accompany Love’s Cradle

This 65 minute video provides examples of RE skills and dialogues with an African-American and a Caucasian Couple. Combined with either of the RE Dialogue Demonstration Videos, you will have video demonstrations for all the RE skills except Generalization and Maintenance. Contents include:

  • The Difference Skills Make: Unskilled (Dan and Gail)
  • The Difference Skills Make: Skilled (Dan and Gail)
  • The Difference Skills Make: Unskilled (Jason and Nicole)
  • The Difference Skills Make: Skilled (Jason and Nicole)
  • Sample Dialogue for Discussion Skill: What It Means to Be a Couple (Jason and Nicole)
  • Sample Dialogue: Parenting Stresses and Stretches (Jason and Nicole)
  • Sample Dialogue: Parenting Stresses and Stretches (Dan and Gail)
  • Name That Feeling (For deeper empathy practice)
  • Coaching Skill
  • Conflict Management: Decide to Use Skills
  • Conflict Management: Use Coaching Skills
  • Conflict Management: Show Understanding Until Your Partner Calms Down
  • Conflict Management: Stop Talking
  • Conflict Management: Talk Again When Ready

RE Dialogue Demonstrations: Working Ordinary Problems Through with Jason and Nicole

This 96 minute video shows a Caucasian couple discussing several ordinary problems using RE skills. It is an excellent tool for demonstrating dialogue and problem solving and for couples to take home to help them improve their own dialogues.

Contents include:

  • Extended Family Relationships: Problem Discussion
  • Sharing Home Responsibilities: Problem Discussion
  • Sharing Home Responsibilities: Coming to an Agreement
  • Sharing Home Responsibilities: Working Out the Details
  • Continued Complaints: Deepening the Dialogue

RE Dialogue Demonstrations: Escape from Baby-Mama Drama with Dan and Gail

In this 78 minute video an African-American couple work through a single, difficult problem: the stress on their relationship caused by “ex’s.” As they work out a creative solution the complexities of the problem are demonstrated while they use RE skills.

Contents include:

  • Problem Discussion
  • Coming to Agreement
  • Working Out the Details
  • Follow-up with Self-Change and Helping Others Change Skills
  • Practice of How to Change the Habit

Love’s Cradle Learning Aids

Powerpoint Presentation

The Powerpoint Presentation includes colorful slides for each segment of each RE skill. The Powerpoint presentation enables you to keep your group members attention focused on you, rather than on pieces of paper while you explain and discussion the ten RE skills.

Expression Skill Practice Cards $7.00

Set of 52 practice cards to help participants learn each aspect of Expression skill. Situation is on one side with examples of good expression on the other.