Love’s Cradle Special Topics

In addition to the 11 RE skills,  Love’s Cradle contains curriculum about adjusting to parenthood, trust, marriage, finances, and co-parenting/complex family relationships.  This curriculum mixes content developed by a team of experts as part of the Building Strong Families (BSF) project with dialogues using the RE skills.  Each supplemental topic is a one-day workshop, with a review of RE skills during the first hour, six additional hours of high-interest content around the topic, and a concluding time for couple to apply what they’ve learned.  Such topics can serve as booster sessions or be mixed in with a Love’s Cradle, MML, or other class as needed.

These supplemental modules require no additional purchased materials.  Leader’s Guides include masters for any handouts needed.

For additional information, contact Mary Ortwein at 859-806-4484 or